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Our culture that teaches us to accomplish our goals we need to have daily consistent habits.  Guess what!! Women have a 28 day cycle not a 24 hour cycle like men.  We do need consistent habits but they look very different on a 28 day cycle than a 24 hour cycle.  When we work with this understanding of our bodies we can achieve amazing results emotionally, physically & spiritually. I love this information, understanding and way of living.


If you feel

  • Frustrated by your daily tasks
  • Discouraged that you planned something that sounded delicious and delightful and but when the date arrives it feels torturous
  • Anxious
  • Like you battle with your hormones.

This class will provide you with some clues!  You will love it. We will:

  • discuss herbs and foods that can be used for different phases of your cycle.
  • make four different herbal concoctions that are for the most commonly experienced cycle issues.
  • make a healing balm, an herbal tincture and capsulate two different formulas/herbs.