Tulum is a beautiful Mayan ruin built right on the Caribbean coast.  It is absolutely stunning.  It is a major tourist destination.  One of the advantages of being a major tourist destination is all the fun stuff outside of Tulum. Remember the cenote where the fishes nibbled on us?  Check this out – they have marketed it! There were people with monkeys and baby lions and a lemur.  Boa constrictors, warriors, iguanas, street performers!  And vendors selling lots of stuff that we could get much cheaper all the other places we’d been. We spent several hours looking for a great place to stay along the coast.  We couldn’t really find anywhere that fit our needs so we settled here.  The location was super close to Tulum – just across the street although not quite as luxurious as the hotels next door and all around us.  It didn’t have any electricity, water or other facilities and it was a wrecking yard, but hey, it worked for us – we stayed the whole weekend. Being around this magical Mayan site brought up Castle’s intuitive abilities and he started doing palm readings 🙂  He read all the boys palms, I only caught Wade’s on video – he had us all laughing.  Listen to his response when Caleb says, “Castle read Mom’s palm.”  The boys thought it was pretty funny.  [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exhqIC7qnWI]