Healing Menus

What is a healing menu?  We cover healing menus in my Creating Balance Class but don’t worry you don’t have to take the class to start using your healing menu.  In fact, you already have a healing menu.  In the Creating Balance class there are 6 steps to balance.  A simplified version of these 6 steps are:  you get clear, decide what you want (your goal), then we check and see how your body is responding to the goal (pre-checks).  Next we find out which pre-check we should balance first then we balance it, but how?  How about create a menu of every healing possibility you have ever thought of!  When you go to a restaurant they have a menu, a list of possibilities to satisfy your appetite.  When you are healing something there are many possibilities, so let’s list everything you have ever thought of . . . food, prayer, homeopathics, essential oils, love, etc and that becomes your healing menu.  Then all you need to do is pick the most effective one in that moment.  When you browse the menus in this section they are a list of the techniques taught in the Creating Balance Series and divided into an easy to use format to access the menu.  Create your own menu, it is great fun and you will be amazed at all of the healing resources at your fingertips.