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I have been researching Healthy Teeth for awhile and I thought I would share what I learned. I would love to your ideas!!  Be sure to look at the bottom for the link to my dentist.  I looked long and hard and spent a lot of money dentist hopping before I found Dr. Noot.  I love him and so do lots of my friends.

My short tooth story – I was about 26ish and had never had a cavity. I hadn’t been to the dentist for several years but I wasn’t worried because I had never had a cavity and I was happy with my healthy foods and lifestyle. I went in for a checkup and discovered I had a bunch of cavities. I was surprised and started researching. I didn’t know what to do so I kept researching until I found a satisfactory answer. I learned a lot in the process and had some good successes and some painful failures. This summer I found two dentists that I am very pleased with and I am happy to report that after years of researching and wondering what to do the kids and I finally have all of our teeth filled and no more decay in our mouths. Yeah!! I think it will be much easier to tell now whether what we are doing is working or not.  I wrote this in 2008!  GREAT success since then.  Lots of great stories.  Link to our fabulous dentist below!

Here are my current favorites for teeth!! (I put more details into separate discussions of their own – it got a little long all together 🙂 ) Please add your ideas and feedback to these discussions.

1. Tooth Tea!!! (recipe follows) If I had to pick one thing that has been most powerful for my teeth – it would be tough, but this might be it. I love this tooth tea, not the taste – but the effect it has had on my teeth and body.

2. Basil herb and/or essential oil (see herb/oil discussion). Basil is my friend. It saved me once during a tooth crisis. Long story but basically – after several hours of intense pain while we were traveling, we stopped at a store, I muscle checked and needed basil. I put it in my mouth and packed it around my tooth and it immediately calmed down.

3. Nourishing Traditions – fermented foods (see fermented foods discussion-this in in the Whole Foods Theory Group)

4. Ozone I found two local dentists that use ozone. It has been very useful for us. I had a deep cavity that was a borderline root canal. He drilled it out and it was so deep he couldn’t drill anymore without doing a root canal. He ozoned which kills all the bacteria and then left it open/ unfilled for about 2-3 weeks. I used tooth tea and Nature’s Biotic and actually everything on this list those 2-3 weeks. I went back, it had remineralized itself, the parts that were soft had hardened up and we were able to fill it. I thought it was miraculous. I was amazed and grateful. (for more see ozone discussion).

5. Osha root (see herb/oil discussion)

6. Calcium Toothbrushes (see discussion)

7. Nature’s Biotic – an infection fighting formula from Grandma’s Herbs (see herb/oil discussion)

Mineral-Rich Formula (Tooth Tea) this is from “Healing With Whole Foods” by Paul Pitchford. There is more info about the tooth tea in the Healing w/ Whole Foods discussion.

An herbal formula for improving teeth, bones, arteries, and all connective tissue, and for strengthening calcium metabolism in the body:

1 part Horsetail

1 part Oat straw

1 part Kombu or Kelp

1/3 part Lobelia

Simmer 1 ounce of formula plus a few slices of fresh ginger in 1 pint water for 25 mins and drink ½ cup two or three times a day. At the end of every three weeks, stop using the formula for one week. Those with bone and connective-tissue weaknesses can expect noticeable renewal from taking this formula during one entire season of the year, ideally in winter.

As promised here is the link to Dr. Noot’s website.  He is located in American Fork, Utah.  He is 50 mins away from my home.  If I had to drive 5 hours to see him, I would.  He has saved us a lot of teeth, time, money and health.  His website has a lot of good info.  Read it and you will begin to see what is great about him.  When you meet him, you will discover his passion for teeth and know why I love him.  Yep, I said passion for teeth.  Weird I know, but true.  And very lucky for you because he wants you to keep YOUR teeth in your mouth!  He wears microscopic lenses if he needs to work on your teeth so he can take the absolute minimum of natural tooth possible.  Why all the work?  He thinks the best teeth are the ones God put in your mouth!

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