Whole Foods

How do I start eating better?

Here are some of my ideas to get started with healthy foods.

1. Look at the quality and how refined the foods are you are eating and substitute better quality, whole, not refined foods.

One of the easiest things to substitute is SALT. Get a good quality salt. I like Lima Sea Salt. I love Himalayan Salt. Find a good salt and replace your old table salt with it. Next time you are at the store check out the ingredients in Table Salt!

2. Make your treats at home. Find your favorite desert recipe and figure out what ingredients they would have had to make it 100 years ago. Be sure everything you put in is a real, minimally processed ingredient. Start w/ the best you can do.

-Brown rice flour (grind yourself) is a great substitute for white flour in muffins, pancakes, waffles, cakes.

-Sweetners – Rapadura (dehydrated cane juice), Brown Rice Syrup, Stevia, honey, mesquite flour. Start with Rapadura, it is an easy switch, then try out the other more daring ones.

-Real butter instead of margarine or shortening. Costco has organic butter.

3. Pick something you think would be beneficial to your body and eat it daily for example, fermented foods, sprouts, juice. Just pick one and learn how to make it, get used to having it daily and change over your way of eating one thing at a time. Often the reason we have a hard time giving up junk food is because we are mineral and nutrient deficient. So instead of swearing off junk food, try a different approach – add good stuff into your diet daily and see if you crave your junk food less, then go back to step #2.