Deepening Balance Menu

Here is the Deepening Balance Menu, I haven’t put it in the pretty format yet, but you can add it to your Foundations of Balance Menu if you took this class or know these techniques.

Deepening Balance Menu


Muscle Tension release (MC which one)

Switch on a muscle/ Switch off a muscle (MC which one)


Tibetan 8 (over a spot or Tibetan 8 balance)

5 Element Balance

Food and Nutrition Balance

Receptive/Expressive Sound Balance


5 Element—make an expressive sound (see Receptive/ Exp sound balance)

5 Element—Look at or visualize a 5 Element Color (see Rec/Exp sound balance)

5 Element—Think of a 5 element taste or smell


Meridian Tension Release Balance

Meridian End Tapping (described in Merid Release Balance)