A great homeopath

Wanted to share the name of a homeopath that is very good. His name is Kim Napper. He is in Salt Lake. He uses super powerful homeopathics. I know several people that have gone to him for strep throat that not only got over it but have never got it again. One of my friends used to get it 6-7 times a year and has not had it in the 2 years since she went to him. He is only about $60 for an appointment (a little more or less depending on the time of the appointment and the remedies cost $10 a piece). It is a great deal.

He does private appointments and teaches classes. We took a class from him on epidemics and learned a ton.

Kim Napper 801-364-3052


My favorite homeopathics

I thought I’d share some of my favorite homeopathics and what we have had great luck using them for. I generally buy the 30c dosage. I like Boiron brand. You just have to take one little pellet, even if it says take more. Cell salts or dosages like 3x-6x are different, you do need to take more.

Sepia – moodiness, pms, any women’s issues, fears

Pulsatilla- pms, moodiness,

Arnica montana – I keep this in every first aid kit along with rescue remedy. Good for injuries, bruises, broken skulls, traumas, etc.

Oscillococcinum – a combo by Boiron, excellent for the flu.

Apis mellific – bee stings, bites, pink irritated skin, sties around the eyes.

Carbo vegetabilis- good for digestive troubles, tummy aches

Chamomilla- teething, colic, cranky children

Coffea cruda – sleeplessness

Euphrasia officinalis – anything to do with the eyes, allergies

Ferrum Phosphoricum- anger

Ignatia- moodiness, grieving, sorrow, emotions hard to deal with

Rhus toxicodendron – skin rashes

Sulfur- eczema, ringworm


Silicea- slivers, popcorn stuck in your teeth, cactus needles in your skin

At Dave’s nutrition in SLC, he has homeopathics for all the childhood diseases. You can get homeopathics for everything that they make vaccines for: polio, chicken pox, measles, etc. BTW, Dave has a great website – super useful resource www.daveshealth.com

All these homeopathics are used for a wide range of symptoms. You can look them up online and get a lot more info about them. For example sulfur is mainly used to treat skin conditions but also digestive complaints, vomiting, chronic diarrhea, trouble digesting milk, hunger pain around 11 am, hemorrhoids, pms w/ headaches, irritability, mental stress, lack of energy and willpower, nighmares, indecision, and lots more. I have a homeopathic book that I really like; it is a DK book called “Homeopathy: The principles and practice of Treatment” by Andrew Lockie.

Other stuff:

Cell salts – love Magnesia Phosphorica – dosage 3x or 6x for menstrual cramps, headaches, any pain from tight muscles. Take a bunch often, till you feel better.

Rescue Remedy – a Bach Flower essence: great in a first aid kit, use for any trauma, for putting kids to bed, for injuries and emergencies. I always give a drop to them and a drop to me 🙂 When hiking I put a drop in everyone’s water bottles before we leave home.