Home School


I love being in charge of the education of my kids. It is so fun to teach them and learn from them. I love being able to spend so much time with them each day. I am so happy I get to hand pick mentors for each of my children. My favorite book about homeschooling: A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille.

I will be adding more about homeschooling later but I wanted you to know about a great website (it is actually the site that inspired me to start this one!)


There was an amazing article posted on the tjed site about the economy (specific to education, college, etc) that started out w/ a discussion that triggered a lot of terror in me and by the end of the post I was so excited about everything that is happening and the opportunities that these challenging times have presented us! It is entitled “Important Update to friends of Leadership education” by Oliver DeMille on Feb 13, 2009. If it is much later than Feb 09 when you are looking for this enter “Important Update” in the search bar on the top right hand column of the ning page and it will help you find it. When I searched for the article, it came up at the bottom of the results!