Attached is is the MENU 9see Menu in Word.doc) that includes the techniques taught in the Foundations of Balance Class. You can download it and add to it. This idea to put it on this site was inspired by Debbie P., she wanted a copy she could type her menu on so it looked nice. I thought you might want the same. It is a Word doc. and has the finger pics on it. Add to it and make it your own. Do you have access to herbs, essential oils, homeopathics, food. Do you have an acu-point book? If so you could put acupressure on your menu and then determine which point to hold. What are your favorite techniques you use? Be sure to put them on your menu.

If you want to add your menus here, I think they would be beneficial for everyone to see!

Remember only put things on your menu that you understand and have access to. We have a lifetime ahead of us to add to our menu. The menu you have from the class is very powerful just as it is, so if you don’t feel like adding to it, no worries – just use the one you have and you will love it!

Foundations of Balance Menu