We are heading to Guatemala this fall and plan on staying for 6 months.  Why are we going to Guatemala?  We have decided to simplify and want to try out a place that has a culture that lives simply.  ¡Anyway, we are off to have an exciting time, live out of our backpacks, learn a new language, gain different perspective on our life, live with people who think very differently than us, taste fruit we’ve never had before, learn how to surf, and use ¿ upside down question marks!  ¿Did you know there are about 30 different kinds of bananas?  We are excited to be able to share our gifts and passions with the indigenous Mayans in Guatemala.  We are excited to see how we will be able to share Live Cultured Foods, agriculture, homesteading, sustainable waste management, water harvesting and natural healing.  And we are so excited to learn what they have to teach us.  We don’t really know how it’s going to look but we are sure we’ll make some great connections.  If you want to keep track of our adventures you can follow us (click the button on the right that says “Follow via Email”).

We have also been following blogs of some families in Guatemala or traveling the world.  ¿Looking for inspiration to do what you love or do you just want to see one of the things that motivated this crazy idea? Some of our favorites are DiscoverShareInspire.com, and NeverEndingVoyage.com and FamilyonBikes.org -read about how they got chased by a bear on their bike 100s of miles from anywhere in Alaska!  I am also loving LiveYourLegend.net website.

We´ll keep you posted on our preparations and adventures!