Here’s a HEALTHY kick start for your Summer!

Live Cultured Foods

Sat June 8, 10-4 in Lindon, Utah

with Wade & Melanie Lake.  Learn how to make living superfoods full of enzymes and Lactobacilli, to enhance your immune system and digestion.

Our goal in teaching this class is to help you discover the simplicity of culturing foods. We will go through the basics of culturing as we prepare several different foods together. Once you understand these basics it will be so easy to prepare more at home. We hope you will love these foods and enjoy the increased health of yourself and your family!


I believe that different people are nourished by different foods -some people do well on an all raw diet, some people function best eating a vegetarian diet and some people do well with meat. The reason I love live cultured foods is I really believe everyone can benefit from these. Traditional cultures, almost universally, ate some if not many forms of live cultured foods. It has gone from something universally eaten by the human race to almost non-existent with very poor substitutes . . . commercialized foods like ketchup, canned sauerkraut, vinegared canned pickles, beer. I think our lack of live cultured foods and our poor substitutes are the reason that our culture consumes so much sugar, processed foods and alcohol. When you start eating live cultured foods – just a little bit daily, it changes your “gut flora.” When this changes, you desire nourishing foods and less of the junk! It is cool. We often over-focus on eliminating the “bad” food from our diet and struggle. I love this approach – add a little bit of great nourishing food everyday and change your gut flora so you desire better and better food.

$120 (see below for a list of supplies to bring). Class includes instruction, recipes, and a manual. In the past we have charged an additional $40 for supplies. For this class we opted to have you bring your own supplies. We think this will be easier and less expensive for you. We did this for the last class we offered and it worked out well.  Click here for a list of Supplies to bring for Live Cultured Foods Class

Sat June 8, in Lindon.  A $50 deposit will hold your space. Click the donate button below hold your space with $50.  Balance due day of class.


Click the donate button below to pay the Full Tuition $120 for the class Sat June 8, in Lindon.